The Board Eraser for the Dustless Chalk

Dustless, able to erase by spraying water, replaceable wipe.

Dustless Chalk

Dustless chalks do not cause damage to students and teachers as traditional chalks.

Cases for Dustless Chalks

The case for dustless chalk protect chalks from oil. It is allowed to be adjusted to the length of the remaining chalk

The Liquid Pen for Smart e-Blackboard

It is highly recyclable design, allowed to refill repeatedly, odorless and environment-friendly. Handwriting is in the shape of thin film, covered closely.

Ink for the Liquid Pen

It is made by Nano technology with excellent erasability, allowing students to read clearly over 15 meters away. It is also environment-friendly.

The Board Eraser for the Liquid Pen

Capacitive Touch Pen

The body of the pen is made by solid aviation grade aluminum with gorgeous appearance. The most accurate touch pen, very sensitive. Specifically designed for the smart classrooms.

Remote Controller

Works with Smart e-Blackboard

Cleanser for the Smart e-Blackboard

Designed for the Smart e-Blackboard, poisonless and harmless, The cleaner removes the oil attaching to the blackboard. The surface will be bright again simply with spraying.

Magnet for the Smart e-Blackboard

It is designed for pinning documents on the blackboard, made by environment-friendly material. It is able to pin up to 30 PCs papers for each.

Wireless camera

It can take photos and videos for interactive teaching and learning, one key to transmit to the e-blackboard and do marks or comparisons.

Wireless microphone

The microphone can be connected automatically, it can mix teacher’s voices with other audio and video from the e-Blackboard perfectly.Teachers can speak freely when playing any video .It works well when the computer is shut down.