Video Wall controller

Video Wall Controller

Video Wall Controller is a high performance video processing workstation with hardware-based structure, designed for spectacular video wall displays in education, government, military, exhibitions, health centers, security, etc. The processor integrates advanced image processing technologies, such as collection of high definition video signal, real-time digital image processing, 3D digital filtering. FPGA and Cross Point switches with large capacity and ultra speed features ensures real-time processing of all input signals.

Standardized Case Design

Standardized 19-inch case fits properly into 19-inch server cabinet.
Blanking material ensures high strength with shock and drop proof.

Hot-plugging PCB

Adoption of modular Structure design allows hot-plugging for power, fans, video capture cards, graphics cards, control boards, etc. The operation of the entire system will not be affected by the malfunction of one modular.

One Key Toggle

To ensure the accuracy of images, preview of all the windows with signals is required in advance.

Easily Accessible for Multiple Plans

Depending on working condition of devices, windows displays and signal input, users can customize their plans recall them later. Users can also switch plans within 10 secs as actual or sequential order in terms of their demand.

Visualized Interface

Users will no more blindly choose plans since the layouts of the plans are visualized. All the pre-set plans and all the layouts will be displayed as pictures. Very convenient to recall them.

Simultaneous Editing and Monitoring

Editing plans will not affect the display of the current plan. It supports quick-editing by which plans will added in one minute.