Odin is shinning at BETT

With 33 years of history, Bett has become a symbol of the UK every winter, the focus of the global education information industry, and the first step of the annual global tour of Odin Technology.

In 2017, Odin Technology began in London and set foot in North America, Europe and many other countries and regions. In 2018, we set out from London again.

Welcoming speech


Mr. Graham Stuart, Minister of International Trade of the United Kingdom, introduced the achievements of educational science and technology in the UK in the areas of K-12, higher education and language learning, as well as future opportunities in the world.


At the same time, education has become a global industry with huge demand. According to Graham Stuart, educational technology in China is developing very fast. The British educational technology is willing to establish cooperation with China

regarding educational technology, while China and Britain will work together to develop the global educational technology industry.




BETT (British Educational Training and Technology Show) is a global event in the field of education. Founded in 1985, it has a history of 33 years. Bett provides not only the best exhibition platform but also the interaction in educational technology. The Bett award is also known as one of the largest and most influential educational product awards in the world, which has been praised as the "Oscar" in educational technology.


Odin brings Smart e-Blackboard and Touch Table to the exhibition, the various interactive methods are combined with  audio and visual experience. All-in-one design and smooth user experience shocked the spectators all over the world.

Why so popular?


Every Odin blackboard has large number of impressive teaching apps and resources. At the same time, teachers are no longer limited to be around the podium. Simply by touch, pad and camera, students can directly deliver homework to the blackboard. Teachers are also allowed to control the blackboard inside the students, which not only facilitates the communication and interaction between teachers and students, but also improves the efficiency of the classroom.

Designed for kids


Odin designed Touch Table for kids with multiple sizes, based on the huge amount of research we did. We developed the structure in terms of preschool education features. Beyond the bright colors and the beautiful appearance, safety is our top priority. The product is streamlined design without any sharp angles, approved by many safety certifications, to ensure the safety and reliability of teaching. The product integrated HD display and capacitive touchscreen, able to stimulate kids’ enthusiasm for learning and interaction.

This exhibition is the first overseas tour of Odin this year. So far, customers and distributors of Odin have spread over many countries and regions, and the products and services have been recognized and favored by the global users.


In early February, Odin products and solutions will be unveiled in the Netherlands, see you there!