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Are the monitors and processors designed for 24/7 operation?
Yes, all the monitors and processors are designed to operate 24/7.
Can the monitors be mounted in indoor and outdoor?
Yes,We designed indoor and outdoor monitors by yourself.
Can you control these monitors via RS232?
Yes, all models are controllable via RS232.
Can your monitors be remotely controlled via LAN (RJ45)?
Yes,  all Network Type are LAN controllable.
Do the monitors offer color calibration?
Yes, it’s offered as an optional accessory to all current models.
What sizes are available?
We offer sizes 22″,32”, 42”, 46”, 47”, 49″, 55”, 65”,70″ 84″, and 98″.
I’m interested in learning more, who do I contact?
Email us at peter@njodin.com.
How can I reset my monitor?
Through the factory reset feature found in the OSD menu.
How do you recommend cleaning the screen?
Use an approved LCD glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth.