QSR (Restaurants)

QSR Solution


The dynamic challenges a restaurateur faces every day calls for a dynamic solution. Digital menu boards makes it simple to get your message across. Whether it’s one restaurant, or thousands, digital menu boards from Odin keep your customers happy and your business running smoother.

Operator Benefits
Ease of Menu Change
Up-sell and Highlight Specific Items
Enhance The Customer Experience
Why Odin

Control all your displays through SmartControl

  • This feature allows you to remotely control and manage all your displays. Identify your displays and fine tune the display settings in your restaurant or restaurants

Easily daypart your content with SmartPlayer

  • Save content on an usb stick, plug it into your display, and let your patrons enjoy your own created playlists

 Desktop touch ordering settlement system, you can play interactive games or playing video when waiting for dishes, a key to pay after meal, let meal no longer monotonous