Medical Treatment

Healthcare Solution


Advanced digital display system realizes remote medical, video diagnostics, intelligent registration and the operation of blind spots. It improves the medical environment of remote areas, that can not be timely medical treatment, reduce the delay risk of waiting in the queue.

Paperless medical treatment, digital convergence diagnosis broadcast.

Operation monitoring, reduce medical disputes.

Patient information self-query.
Why Odin

  • Touch medical information query system, the use of large database of hospital information, including patient cases, drug delivery and other data management, simple and easy to understand, accurate guidelines for patients.


  • Ultra high definition video monitoring system, delivery the real-time image information to a large monitor screen by digital signal, without interference and loss, no compression, making analysis of the patient and the process of the operation.


  • Digital intelligent applauded system, using large data platform, seeking patients and assigning them to different diagnosis room according to patient disease intelligently, saving waiting time, improve hospital efficiency.